Harness Your Creativity by Nadia Tabbara
Eight Practical Tools to Develop Your Best Ideas
Published by Turning Point Books

Who should attend this seminar? 
– Entrepreneurs (founders and their team)
– Marketing & Advertising industry professionals
– Finance & Banking professionals
– Managers and admins
– Human Resources professionals
– Anyone who makes decisions at work constantly
– Anyone who works inside a creative field and juggles management with creativity


As an entrepreneur, manager or high-level employee, you are already naturally creative. This is what gives you your competitive edge in the work place; and builds you as a leader in your field.

But, your creativity needs continuous nurturing to thrive. It’s easy to plateau or feel uninspired because your workweek is long and you always have millions of tasks to get through on any given day. You need a boost of inspiration every now and then so you can keep your edge and continue to produce original work. Your creativity cannot and should not be ignored or taken for granted because you risk burning out or having creative block.

Your creativity deserves attention.

Nadia Tabbara’s Seminar based on her practical guidebook Harness Your Creativity will reignite your creative power.

In the Seminar:
– Participants will choose a topic, project or goal at work
– Nadia will introduce several tools from her book and how to use them
– Tools will be practiced in an engaging and thought-provoking method
-Everyone will get a chance to interact with each other and their own creativity

– A copy of Harness Your Creativity for future reference