student testimonials

At FADE IN: our students are our success. And they are damn talented.

I went through a life-changing experience with FADE IN:
– Sanaa Ibrahim, Filmmaking Workshop

21st of April 2013 [FADE IN: screening], was one of the best days of my life…thank you so much!
– Suzanne el Wattar, Filmmaking Workshop

I was truly happy with the technique [Nadia] taught us. It’s a great and easy way to continuously fix our scripts and get the appropriate feedback from people around us.
– Roy Khalil, Screenwriting student

I loved the screenwriting class. It helped me better understand the process of movie-making, and now when I watch a movie, I am able to tell exactly what worked or didn’t work for me. It’s a whole new movie-watching experience!
– Imad Aoun, Screenwriting Student

It felt so good actually, not only to write but to share our thoughts and of course all the new helpful tips and rules to break.
– Christine Safi, Screenwriting Student

I felt very lucky to participate in the [FADE IN:] workshop – it was a wonderful experience. It was well organized, and the learning curve was steep. Nadia is an excellent professor, and taught us in a unique way the craft of being a film director. She is quite knowledgeable, dedicated and patient. 

The course was comprehensive and covered basics of filmmaking, emphasizing on the scriptwriting aspect which is rare in Lebanon. It has enhanced even more my deep passion for the 7th art.
– Yasmine Ghorayeb, Filmmaking Workshop

It boosts your self-esteem and your creativity
– Leah Zeitounalian, Screenwriting Student

I never wanted to write a movie. I simply wanted to write again. And TADA, two days later, after Nadia’s workshop, I was dreaming of white papers. If you censor yourself as much as I did or simply want to write a movie and don’t know where to start, Nadia has a recipe for that. I don’t know what she does, but I swear by it! Ask my recorder, notebooks, google drive and white napkins. They know better.
– Haya Farah, Screenwriting Student

This workshop was an amazing experience and it allowed me to meet awesome people of all ages. Thank you for this chance.
– Carine Natour, Filmmaking Student

Very efficient workshop. I learned a lot. It made me love filmmaking even more.
– Sara AbdelNour, Filmmaking Student

A workshop full of info, funny stories, excellent instructor, interesting exercises and focused ambiance.
– Mu’taz Salloum, Screenwriting Student

To all the beautiful people I shared all my classes with, I raise my glass of whiskey to you! yes, I know it’s early to be drinking, but I’m a writer now, remember?? drinking is part of my job requirement!
– Shant Kabakian