At FADE IN: our students are our success. And they are damn talented.

Perfect Sentence seminar made me want to rush home and start writing! Good spirit, clear topic, I loved it and am looking forward to more juicy seminars. – Leila Jisr Moussa

A wonderful place to meet creative people who are serious about writing. Aspiring writers should expect:
– Self-growth
– A beautiful experience
– Fun
- Very interesting people
Mahmoud Kambris

Participating to FADE IN:’s workshop has been a real eye-opening, butt-kicking experience! The inspired and inspiring trainers and inviting atmosphere gave me the right push I needed to scratch the paper always more, get rid of (some of) my writing complexes and share my words out loud for the first time ever. – Claire Grandchamps

Inspiring. Motivational. Teaches you that creativity and writing are a lifestyle. I advise everyone to attend at least one workshop. They’re writing workshops yes, but they help you with self-discipline in everyday life. Let’s not forget the positive vibes circulating around the writers room, that make you want to create. And create. And create. It’s the gym for your brain.
– Nay Tabbara

Working with FADE IN: has given me confidence and it has made me believe what I have always known: I AM a writer – Tala Kardas

Being an absolute beginner with zero experience in the field but an amateur nonetheless, I signed up for two sessions at FADE IN: […] Nadia picked my brains and brought out the “free creative” in me. I wrote pages and pages, sense and nonsense, while she allowed, encouraged and nurtured the free flow of my thoughts. Her strategic interventions and comments guided and inspired me throughout.  
Nadia’s simply a puff of positive energy: witty, supportive, brilliant, cool, she manages to literally empower you, boost your confidence and brings out the best in you. 
Loved everything about FADE IN: Looking forward for more.
– Hiba Kronfol

It boosts your self-esteem and your creativity
– Leah Zeitounalian, Screenwriting Student

It’s so much fun you won’t regret it. As a writer, or an aspiring writer of any genre, you will find a creative home for you at FADE IN:. I learnt a lot here in terms of writing exercises, techniques, format, writing process, and audiovisual creation. It’s the right place to get started and the right place to come back to for inspiration. Great job FADE IN: team and many thanks!
– Dianna Kallas

A workshop full of info, funny stories, excellent instructor, interesting exercises and focused ambiance.
– Mu’taz Salloum, Screenwriting Student

I went through a life-changing experience with FADE IN:
– Sanaa Ibrahim, Filmmaking Workshop

To all the beautiful people I shared all my classes with, I raise my glass of whiskey to you! Yes, I know it’s early to be drinking, but I’m a writer now, remember?? Drinking is part of my job requirement!
– Shant Kabakian

It has been a year exactly taking sessions at FADE IN: […] You just register for one workshop and then you find yourself taking courses and then private sessions and investing your money on something that makes no promises that you may come out as a scriptwritter as soon as you wanted to be. “Big things need time.” The skills that they give are taught and trained by people who not only breathe writing… but have proved themselves to be writers in international competitions. And, knowing a founder who didn’t just make few short films and then turned around and said, “hey, I am a scriptwriter,” but instead has experience learning and working at a place where legendary scriptwriters were born. […] This is a call for anyone who is craving to write and is taking writing seriously, to join this small Writers Room at FADE IN:… where amazing stories are written, a world in its own is created, and with patience; you can make your masterpiece. Your career as a writer starts there.
– Maysoun Hussein