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Whether you’ve been writing your whole life and you need a fresh look at your creative process, or, you haven’t picked up a pen in ages, this workshop is for you.

Given by Nadia Tabbara, this one-day practical workshop-style seminar takes your creativity to another level by mixing creative-centered skills with storytelling technique.

The first thing you do, even before introducing yourself, is write. The day will begin with concepts of idea building and application; then tools to push you to transform your ideas into stories.

You’ll discover:
1. The creative side of your brain
2. The art of short-story writing
3. A taste of screenwriting (who knows, you might take your story and translate it into the screen)
4. Applying your creative brain in life: Using concepts of creativity for your daily exchanges

Training is given in English and Arabic is spoken. Writing can be in any language.

Who can take this workshop?
FADE IN: participants are architects, engineers, copywriters, advertisers, marketeers, bankers, ngo coordinators, strategists, doctors (yes!), accountants, filmmakers, writers… At fadein, we don’t believe that creativity has levels or has a certain “job”. We guide you to make creative writing part of your life, where you can start and finish your projects and keep producing more and more creative work.