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While studying architecture at the American University of Beirut, Yasmine discovered her love for both writing and design.

In 2006, she discovered the world of fanfiction and has since been an avid (and rather famous!) fanfiction writer, writing over 200 stories to date. She has written fanfiction for ABC’s show Lost, for CBS’s Scorpion and Under the Dome, and most recently, and most prolifically, fanfiction for NBC’s Blindspot.  She’s gotten so much attention for her stories online, that the creators of these shows have been known to tweet with her and give her secret spoilers.

Yasmine trained with Nadia Tabbara at fadein for 2 years where she wrote her first feature film, an apocalyptic journey through futuristic Lebanon. This film qualified to the quarter finals of ScreenCraft, a major Hollywood competition, as did the SciFi TV show Pilot she also wrote. She was recently hired as one of the writers of the biggest-budget Lebanese TV show to date. Aside from movies and TV shows, she’s famous for her fan fiction! Yes. Famous.

She’s a guest contributor at Just About Write, writing weekly reviews for CBS’s Scorpion, as well as writing for some of their other weekly features. She’s cowriter for a Blindspot fansite where she writes weekly reviews, analysis and features about the show. The next project she’ll challenger herself with is NaNoWriMo, writing a novel in one month based on the Sleepers pilot that she has written.

When Yasmine is not writing and writing some more, she can be found binge-watching her favorite TV shows and movies into the late hours of the night.

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