At FADE IN: our teachers are not only super-pro, they’re super dedicated to helping you find your creativity!


Nadia Tabbara
The founder of FADE IN: and a professional screenwriter and concept-writer, Nadia lectures at all FADE IN: programs. She loves her job so much, she is always available to her students, even when they whatsapp her in the middle of the night with a writer’s block crisis!


Youmna Bou Hadir, FADE IN: community liaison / Youth trainer
Youmna holds a BA in English Literature from the Lebanese American University and has experience training in public speaking and conflict resolution in the LAU Model United Nations Program. She first came to FADE IN: a musician and part-time poet and writer. After training in creative-centered education for young adults, she now runs all youth workshops at FADE IN:. One day, she hopes to work with special needs children and adults to teach them how to better express themselves through the art of Story.

Tarek Bacha

Tarek Bacha, writer & producer
When you meet Tarek, you would never know that he is a multi-award winning writer and producer. Beneath his humble demeanor, he carries a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Over the past 10 years, Tarek spent most of his time writing, publishing short stories and novellas, writing for TV & film and documentary and touring Europe with his play “Hello.”
attn: Tarek


Chris Khatschadourian, Writer & Encyclopedia on Literary Works
With a degree in English literature from Haigazian, Chris has read and written in nearly every style and every grammatical tense. He has written hundreds of short stories, full of real characters who think deeply and connect to readers well beyond the page. He has coached many new writers to complete their first projects, and brings to his workshops a unique blend of knowledge and hands-on craft.
attn: Chris


Yasmine Mehio,  Fanfiction & Screenwriter
Yasmine trained with Nadia Tabbara at FADE IN: for 2 years where she wrote her first feature film, an apocalyptic journey through futuristic Lebanon. This film is currently in the quarter finals of ScreenCraft, a major Hollywood competition and she was recently hired as one of the writers of the biggest-budget Lebanese TV show to date. Aside from movies, she writes sci-fi TV series and she’s famous for her fan fiction! Yes. Famous.
attn: Yasmine


Nadine Makarem, Poet & Writer
Nadine was born in Beirut and moved with her family to the United Kingdom where she learned English and developed a fondness (or obsession) for reading. When she’s not writing poetry or saving the world, you can find her curled up with a good book, finding herself in the characters she loves so much.
attn: Nadine

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