Summer Camp: Teens Who Code

What’s a good age to start building your CREATIVITY?
Now! Right now is a good age.

These creative skills sessions center around self-expression and storytelling. We’re going to have some fun with a skill that EVERYONE needs in anything that they will ever do.

Through writing exercises and storytelling tools, we will learn to build stories, problem solve, express ourselves and write. Younger creative writers at the camp (ages 10-14) will be making their own journals; and all ages will be encouraged to be writing every day.

We will find out who we are, and how we see the world around us in layers we never really knew existed; connect images and words in a creative structure that works for all stories!

Let’s fill up that toolbox with all the tools we need; and water our creative plants!

Learn all the tools you need to make a movie using your phone.

During this course, campers will get the basics of building a movie using their camera phones and editing applications (montage).

This course covers different kinds of videos they can make, how to write the movie script for each kind of video, how to film correctly, how to take sound correctly, how to use their FREE mobile app to edit and put it all together.

Let’s make some movies!