Story Games: Ages 8 – 11

This JALEESA & FADE IN: open house will get introduce you to our full STORY GAMES workshop, happening every Saturday August 5 – Sept 2 from 11:00am – 12:30.

In the full program, we will cover:

– Fun, interactive Story Games for better self-expression
– Creative Writing to boost imagination
– Confidence building through public speaking and presenting
– Bullying – a topic that will be covered by creating stories and playing story games


Jaleesa contact:

+961 3 663 072⁠

FADE IN: contact:

Nadia Tabbara
71 931 722

At what age should you start using your creativity and imagination? The answer is right now.

Our Story Games FREE OPEN HOUSE is an introduction to CREATIVITY for both parents and their children ages 8 – 11. In this open house, fadein youth trainer Youmna Bou Hadir, will run exciting and interactive story games with the children. Guaranteed fun!

Meanwhile, parents will meet with founder of fadein, Nadia Tabbara, to find out more about how their children can use creativity to better express themselves, become more confident and battle bullying.

RSVP is a must

Entrance is completely free but we suggest a donation of 10,000 LBP. All donated proceeds will go to subsidize child-care for underprivileged families in Lebanon