Seminar: Write the Perfect Sentence


Wednesday January 24th 2018
6:30 – 8:30pm

fadein Writers Room
Armenia Street, Subway Building, 2nd Floor
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Invest in your creativity:
$50 total
**12 students maximum, sign up to hold your spot.

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How do you start your novel or short story?
With the perfect sentence of course.

This is a practical seminar on writing stories – with an emphasis on taking it one (perfect) sentence at a time.

Writer, avid reader, and drill seargent writing coach Chris Khatschadourian will go through:
1. Different kinds of opening sentences – from Ernest Hemingway to Julian Barnes
2. Finding your writing style through one sentence only
3. Experimenting with different kinds of sentences (tenses, points of view or dialogue)
4. Writing one sentence after another to form story

Throughout this seminar you will learn much more than the perfect sentence – you’ll learn that you’ve got a story in you, waiting to come out.

Who can attend this seminar?
Everyone who is interested in writing fiction! You could be a writer, reader or an enthusiast who has always wanted to write. FADE IN: participants are architects, engineers, copywriters, advertisers, ngo coordinators, strategists, doctors (yes!), accountants, bankers, filmmakers, writers… At fadein, we don’t believe that creativity has levels or has a certain “job”. We guide you to make creative writing part of your life, where you can start and finish your projects and keep producing more and more creative work.

Trainer: Chris Khatch