Screenwriting Workshop | Write Your Movie


How much is this?
150$ for a total of 4 sessions
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**And then what?
Writers have the option to continue in a Screenwriting Lab that meets 2x per month so that they can write and finish their short films and/or web series. Whether you decide to continue or not, our intro screenwriting session will prepare you with creative-centered screenwriting tools to write and finish your projects. Once you have written a few short-films, you will be prepared to take on your first feature film, should you choose to accept the creative challenge.

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Now, more than ever, we need better writers for the screen! Movies, web-series, TV, ads – join us and find out what it really means to tell visual stories.

In this 4-session workshop, participants will get the screenwriting tools they need to write short films or short content with compelling characters and a story that moves us.

Session breakdown:

Session #1 | Tell me a Story
Brainstorming techniques and writing exercises

Session #2 | Character building & writing
Different ways to bring your character to life for more believable stories

Session #3 | Story Structure & Feedback
Write Write Write. This day is all about putting everything on paper. Then a mix of lecture and exercise to help you rewrite your work.

Session #4 | the business of a movie set with Nadia Tabbara
Who’s who and why are they there? How does this help you write?

Who will be giving this session?
Yasmine Mehio trained with Nadia Tabbara at fadein for 2 years where she wrote her first feature film, an apocalyptic journey through futuristic Lebanon. This film is currently in the quarter finals of ScreenCraft, a major Hollywood competition.
Aside from movies, she writes sci-fi TV series and she’s famous for her fan fiction! Yes. Famous. Currently, she’s one of the writers/researchers on fadein’s newest Lebanese TV show (stay tuned for the press conference).

Date/Time & Duration
Coming up in August or September
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