Tarek Bacha, award-winning writer
short story, novella, screenwriting, playwriting, Arabic language

Chris Khatschadourian, writer and reader
short story, novel, English & French language

Yasmine Mehio, screenwriter
screenwriting for film, TV and web series

Youmna Bou Hadir, writer (Fundamental package only)
Experienced creativity coach, published short story writer, creative writing trainer. English, Arabic, French

Nadine Makarem, poet
forms, rhythm, rhyme and scheme

Need anything else?
If you’re looking for help in something specific, just ask! Our trainers are multi-talented and they’ve written almost everything, including presentations, proposals, blog articles, creative concepts & briefs.

How it works?
Register for you private session package: HERE

Someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours to match you with a trainer
Once you are matched, your trainer will assess your goals and together you will
schedule your session

Sessions cover:
Brainstorming techniques
writing exercises
character building
new ways to look at plot & story structure
detailed, creative-centered feedback
figuring out the story YOU want to tell
the business behind the art

Questions or Comments?
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If you have the need to write, we are the place for you. It’s not easy to find time to be creative. But it’s important. Our one-on-one sessions can help you with get writing on your own time.

Here’s what we’ve got:
Screenwriting (English, Arabic)
TV writing (English, Arabic)
Short-Story (English, Arabic, French)
Novel (English, Arabic, French)
Poetry (English)

All sessions are between 75-90 minutes

Fundamental Program:
This program is perfect for new writers who are looking to kick start their work and learn the fundamentals of the creative process and writing. It is also for seasoned writers who are experiencing writer’s block and need to find their voice again. In these packages, creativity coaches take writers through a full program of tools, creative consciousness and writing technique. Writing is done inside the sessions and trainers do not read material outside of the one-on-one time. Often, and if needed, writers will be doing exercises inside the session, while trainers read their work.

**This program is not available for TV WRITING sessions – because of their intensity and nature of the content.

1x session 50$
2x session 80$
3x session 120$
6x session 240$

Advanced Program:
For writers who have projects in progress and need one-on-one coaching to finish or to rewrite, the advanced program will guide them to completion. Writers in this program will get tools to work on during the sessions; however, they are expected to write outside of sessions as well. In this program, trainers will read work in between sessions, in order to critique and analyze during the one-on-one time. Our trainers always work above and beyond because they care about the writers they coach and the projects they are working on; the Advanced Program helps to structure their reading and analysis outside of the sessions. Founder, Nadia Tabbara, will review and advise once projects are complete.

1x session 75$
2x session 130$
3x session 200$
6x session 380$