3 sessions on poetic form, technique & performance
1 bonus session with founder Nadia Tabbara for feedback

What happens next?
After this workshop, you will be featured in our popular Poetry for Everybody reading in January. And, you can continue to make poetry a part of your life by joining Poetry Circles that meet twice per month and give you the discipline you need to finish your own poetry compilation. We love poetry, and we actually use it to strengthen all our writing (including business, believe it or not!). We’re here to share our love for it and our knowledge with you.

Questions or Comments?
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We’d love to hear from you!

Poetry can change the way people think and connect to the way they feel. It can introduce a new ground for language, express an idea in an utterly unique way, and create a medley of music and words. If nothing else, it guides you to understanding yourself in a greater and deeper way.

And, it helps in all forms of writing, including academic and business!

Whether you are a poetry enthusiast, a frequent writer, or just somebody who wants to understand what so many poems ramble on about, this workshop is geared to show you that poetry is, in fact, for everybody.

Who will be giving this session?
Nadine Makarem is a poet and a dreamer. She runs our Poetry for Everybody reading nights, is an avid reader of literature. She will be publishing her first poetry compilation in 2017.

Who else will be there?
Nadia Tabbara, writer and founder of FADE IN:, will be giving a bonus session to discuss how poetry has helped her in… well… everything… and to give her feedback on all the work.

Time | Date
Mondays 6:30 – 8:30pm

28 November
5 December
12 December
+ 1 bonus session date to be determined

FADE IN: Writers’ Room, Mar Mkhael (Detailed Directions)

What will we do in these session?
– Read poetry & analyze it
– Unblock creative block to get you writing
– Finish your poems and get your ready to perform!

Session Details

Session #1 | Monday 28 November | Write a poem. Now.
This session is all about you – tips, tricks & tools to get you writing, write now.

Session #2 | Monday 5 December | Forms of Poetry
Identify & learn how a specific form of poetry help you grow as a writer

Session #3 | Monday 12 December | Short poems & performance
Keep writing all the time, anytime.

Session #4 | Date TBD | Bonus session with Nadia | 6:30-8:00pm
Where else can you actually use poetry? And, feedback on your work!

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