Nadia Tabbara is a bi-lingual writer/creator who grew up in the United States and moved back to Lebanon to lend her voice and writing expertise to tell stories that are regionally successful and globally recognized. She is currently based between Beirut and Los Angeles and is the creator and head writer of three regional TV series. When she’s not creating, she works as a staff writer for European and American show runners who are building the biggest shows in the Middle East to date. She is also a published author of a book on the creative process and an editor of a non-profit collection of short stories about the Beirut Blast. In late 2021, an anthology series titled “Beirut 607” with Nadia’s directorial debut film was nominated for an International Emmy Award.

Nadia’s Path: In 2005, Nadia received her BA in Film and Writing from Emerson College in Boston and headed to New York City where she would work in the Film industry for over 5 years on major Hollywood films such as “Step Up 3D”, “The Adjustment Bureau” and “New York, I Love You” and popular TV shows such as “Bored to Death” and “The Good Wife.” During this time, she continued her training with award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger, where she spent over 2 years in his specialized Studio finishing her first (of many) feature film screenplays. As a young screenwriter, her scripts have routinely competed in semi-final stages of US-competitions and her short films have screened at top-tier film festivals including SXSW (South by Southwest) and the Milano International Film Festival. She moved back to Lebanon in 2011 and opened FADE IN: creative academy in 2013, growing it into a competitive writing hub with an education program for aspiring writers in the Middle East.

Nadia’s Work:
“Beirut City” | Co-Creator/head writer | 15-episode dramedy, MTV, MBC, 2017
-“Awake” | Creator/head writer | 16-episode drama/psychology, MBC, Shahid, MhZ (USA), Sooner (Europe), SBS (Australia), ARTE (France) 2019
“Confessions of a Fashionista” | Creator/head writer | 10 episode thriller | MBC and Shahid, 2021
“Beirut 607” | Contributing writer/filmmaker | Emmy nominated anthology series | MBC and Shahid, 2020
“Cut Off” | Head Writer | 15 episode dramedy | MBC and Shahid, 2022

Nadia’s Representation:
Creative Arts Agency, Los Angeles