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The first thing you find out about Chris is that he’s a reader; an avid reader who has read more than a thousand books. He has read all sorts of literary works and is especially into literary theory and criticism.

Alongside his reading skills, he has been dedicated to the written word since he wrote his first poem at the age of 14. For the past few years, he has been in charge of all creative writing for major clients at a strategy and creative agency in Beirut.

Chris has also written hundreds of short stories, always challenging himself with personal deadlines or word-count goals. With a need to encourage and help other writers finish their projects, he started a blog for them to showcase their talent. He has also coached several novel writers and edited their work; and now, he has joined the fadein family to bring his unique blend of knowledge mixed with hands-on craft.

With a degree in English literature from Haigazian, Chris has read and written in nearly every style and every grammatical tense. His writing is full of real characters who think deeply and connect to readers well beyond the page.

When he’s not reading (or writing), he is performing with his band ‘In Sanity Q’… and yes, their work is based in storytelling performance.

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