business communication & writing sessions



Nadia Tabbara and/or Chris Khatschadourian
Proposal writing, Email writing, Pitches, and all that jazz

Ellis El Halabi
HR and Interviews

All sessions are between 75-90 minutes depending on the content

1x session $100
2x session $180
3x session $265
6x session $530

Questions or Comments?
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We’re in the digital age, which means our communications include emails, proposals, profiles etc…
At work, team projects, communication with your boss or colleagues, public and clientele all involve a lot of writing.

Need anything else?
If you’re looking for help in something specific, just ask! Our trainers are multi-talented and they’ve written almost everything, including presentations, proposals, blog articles, creative concepts & briefs.

How it works?
Register for you private session package: HERE

Someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours to match you with a trainer
Once you are matched, your trainer will assess your goals and together you will
schedule your sessions

What will be taught inside the private sessions?
Your private sessions are customized depending on what you need and what your goals are. Your trainer will help you with brainstorming and unleashing your creative voice within the framework of your business. If you have written and are writing, but you need some guidance, your trainer will assess your work and give you the needed tools.  No matter what, each session will follow the other so that you can grow creatively and professionally.

Some stuff you might be doing:
Brainstorming techniques
writing exercises
detailed, creative-centered feedback
the art behind the business